Praise him! #henryrollins

Praise him! #henryrollins

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That tries to kill me but I kill it first.

I’m coming alive, alive through you.

(via thedeathofyourperfectworld)

ArtistKid Dynamite
TitleHeart a Tact
AlbumCheap Shots, Youth Anthems
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SOTD: Save Your Generation - Jawbreaker

Some of the bands that you love today would not be around if it weren’t for Jawbreaker. If you haven’t ever listened to them, please do so now.

TitleSave Your Generation
AlbumDear You

I really hate dealing with drunk people. They’re like infants. Go to sleep.

Someone at work ate my lunch. Hope you enjoyed your tofurky sandwich with habanero sauce and jalapeños. Dick.


…I’ve got a deep sick worry and I don’t know why, where are you, where are you, what are you doing tonight?